Due to the recent pandemic crisis, Mostly Computers has changed its method of operations to promote social distancing and safety for the foreseeable future. Services and pricing specified in the links above are temporarily suspended.  New service options and pricing are listed below and supersede any former price quotes provided at any time .  Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions or comments.


Minimum Diagnostic Fee:
A minimum diagnostic fee of $35 applies to all options listed below except for On-Site visits.  This fee will be applied to the first hour of service should we continue with repairs.

OPTION 1:  Remote Access – $50 / hour
Repairs, diagnostics, and technical support can easily be conducted remotely using Chrome Remote Desktop.  It is completely safe and secure to use.  This is generally the easiest, quickest, and safest method for repairing most computer systems.

OPTION 2:  Drop-off & Pickup – $60 / hour
If remote access is not an option, arrangements can be made for no-contact drop-off and pickup of your computer which will then be diagnosed and/or repaired in-house.  Turnaround time is generally 72 hours.  Note: You will only be charged for time we are actively engaged with your computer.  If we start a system scan that takes two hours, we will let it run unattended, work on other items and come back to it later.  You will not be charged for that two hours it took the scan to run.

OPTION 3:  Pickup & Delivery – $60 / hour + $10 per trip
Same as Option 2, except we will make arrangements to come to your residence or business to pick up your computer and deliver it back to you when it is finished.  A combination of Options 2 & 3 can be used depending is what is most convenient for you.  Additional trip charges may apply to customers residing outside of Marion County.

OPTION 4:  Shipping – $60 / hour + S&H fees
Even with shipping and handling charges, our rates are usually still lower than most computer shops will charge you if you take it to them.  The computer or item being repaired will be shipped back to you using the exact same packaging and service used to send it to us, so the shipping charges should be the same both times.  The customer is responsible for the initial shipping charges to send the computer to us, and the charge for return shipping will be added to the final invoice.

OPTION 5: On-Site Visit (Not Available For Residential Customers) – $120 / hour with a one-hour minimum charge
We are trying to avoid on-site visits altogether, but we realize some businesses will require the occasional on-site visit to avoid costly downtime.  On-site visits will be conducted only if circumstances eliminate all other possible options.  Clients and employees of the business will be required to wear masks properly and maintain a minimum six-foot distance from the on-site technician at all times.  These conditions are not negotiable and any violation of these conditions will result in immediate termination of the on-site visit regardless of the current state of repairs.  Customers will still be invoiced for time on site.

OPTION 6: Telephone Support – 5 minutes or less, no charge.  Any call exceeding 5 minutes, $1 per minute
With the exception of simple problems that can be resolved rather quickly, telephone support is the most difficult and least effective method of diagnosing or fixing a computer problem.  We recommend this option only as a last resort.  Note: Telephone support for assistance with Chrome Remote Desktop is free of charge.

After-Hours, Weekends, & Holidays
Extra fees may apply for work performed after standard business hours, weekends, or holidays.  Any such fees will be disclosed to the customer prior to the work being performed.

Mostly Computers will extend every courtesy to clients to make payment for services as easy as possible.  Check, cash, PayPal, and credit cards are all accepted.  Unless prior arrangements have been made or you have a service contract in place, payment is expected when services are complete.  We understand that times are difficult and we will work with clients on payment arrangements to the best of our ability.  However, at a certain point non-payment will result in legal action for three times the amount of the unpaid invoice.


Please do not hesitate to e-mail or call with any questions or to schedule a remote session.

These changes will remain in effect for as long as the pandemic continues to remain a problem in the United States.  Thank you for your understanding during these interesting times.

The newly upgraded Mostly Computers Operations Center:

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