Remote Support Instructions

Remote Support Services are provided by Mostly Computers LLC through a combination of the Google Chrome web browser and the Chrome Remote Desktop extension, both of which are available for free.  This instruction page is provided so clients may prepare for Remote Support sessions at their convenience without incurring any Telephone Support fees.  However, if there are any problems or questions during any part of this process, please contact Mostly Computers by phone at 317-503-2177 for assistance.  Telephone Support fees may be incurred depending on the nature and length of the call.

STEP 1:  Download & Install Google Chrome

(If Google Chrome is already installed on your computer, please skip to Step 2)

  1. Use your existing web browser to go to
  2. Verify the download is for your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux) and click the Download Chrome button
  3. Follow the installation instruction prompts
  4. Open Google Chrome

STEP 2:  Install Chrome Remote Desktop extension

  1. In the address bar of Google Chrome, enter and hit ENTER
  2. Click on the +Free button to download and install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension


Once both Google Chrome and Chrome Remote Desktop are installed, Remote Support Services from Mostly Computers can be initiated.  Remote Support Services require the client or user to be in front of the computer receiving remote support and to be in communication with Mostly Computers by phone.  This is a secure and convenient method of addressing some of the more minor computer and network issues that occur from time to time without the time and expense of an on-site visit.


  1. The computer receiving Remote Support Services must have a stable, high-speed Internet connection
  2. Some interaction between the user and the computer may still be required
  3. Remote Support Services are not conducive to complex operations such as malware removal
  4. Remote Support Services without a Support Contract are billed at $25 per hour and will be invoiced by e-mail
  5. Mostly Computers LLC reserves the right to terminate any Remote Support session and recommend in-shop or on-site services if the problem cannot be resolved remotely