Emergency Planning

If there is one recurring theme I have observed in my years of working incident scenes and disaster zones with Central Indiana Skywarn and Marion County C.E.R.T., it is the shell-shocked expression of “I never thought it would happen here/to me.”  Unfortunately, by the time you get to that point, it is too late to make preparations.  It is with this in mind that in addition to IT services, I also offer consulting in Emergency Planning and Disaster Preparation/Recovery for both small businesses and families.

Natural and man-made disasters can occur with little or no warning.  Indiana currently ranks fifth in the nation for the number of tornadoes annually.  The New Madrid fault line in Missouri might present a threat to Indiana.  Illinois has more active nuclear power stations than any other state in the country, and wind patterns at any given time of year will almost always carry radioactive fallout from any nuclear accident across the state line.  Active shooter situations are becoming more frequent and are considered to be the single biggest threat to the safety of Hoosiers by Gary Coons, Director of Homeland Security for Indianapolis.

What separates survivors from casualties is proper contingency planning and preparation.  I can offer consulting on preparing for and recovering from any or all of the following areas:

  • Severe weather events
  • Earthquakes
  • Building fires
  • Hazardous material accidents
  • Active shooter situations
  • Building lockdown protocols
  • Terrorism

My consulting sessions are not designed to instill fear or paranoia.   I believe that to be counterproductive.  On the contrary, they are very simple, fact-based, easy to understand, and focus on dealing with these threats in a calm, realistic, and rational manner.  Since I also believe that the sharing of my training, knowledge and experience on these topics is as much a civic duty as it is a business model, my consulting fees are extremely reasonable, and my sessions are individually structured to the unique needs of each company or individual.

Please contact me directly for a free, no-obligation analysis of how I can help your business and/or family prepare for most emergencies.