Recommended Software

I am often asked about software I recommend for various purposes, so I have decided to create and maintain a list here.  The requirements for software to make this list are fairly simple:

  1. The software must be free, at least for residential use.  A lot of good software developers cover their costs by charging for corporate use, but allowing personal use for no charge.  Others will ask for donations from users.
  2. The software must be tested or researched and reviewed by a representative of Mostly Computers LLC.
  3. The software should not display advertising from third parties.
  4. The software should be available for multiple operating system platforms.

There will be some exceptions to these rules, and those exceptions will be clearly marked and noted.  This list will change on a regular basis, so please check back regularly for additions and subtractions.  Explanations will be posted for any software packages that have been listed on this page but are later removed.  This is by no means a complete list of all available software packages.  If there is a piece of software that you think should be included, please e-mail me the details and I will look into it.

Personal Note:  Mostly Computers LLC is not affiliated with any of these recommended software applications and receives no consideration or compensation from any software developer in exchange for a positive recommendation.  These recommendations are based solely on my personal experience.  The experiences of individual users can vary greatly.  -Eric


Anti-Virus, Firewalls & Security

Audio & Video*

Graphics Design*

Internet Clients

Office Suites & Software

Operating Systems

Phone & Tablet Apps*

Portable Apps

Untangle NG Firewall

Web Design*

Web-Based Apps*


*Coming soon.  Please check back regularly for updates.