Recommended Portable Apps

Some of the best applications I can recommend to clients are capable of being stored on removable media such as USB hard drives or flash drives and run from that media without installing it on the computer on which it’s being run.  This has many advantages for both users and repair technicians who are constantly on the go and accessing different computers on a regular basis.  Portable apps make it easy to carry your e-mail client, web browser, office suite, and other relevant software from computer to computer without having to lug around a tablet or laptop.  All e-mail account information, browser bookmarks, and documents are stored on the portable media and leave no trace of their use or existence on any computer on which they are used.  More advanced users can throw in a little portable data encryption, and you have a completely secure method of carrying your data and applications around in your pocket or on a key chain.

I recommend that anyone interested in testing portable applications begin their search at  All software located on that page is free and capable of being run from various types of portable media.  Users can install the entire Portable Apps Suite of over 300 applications, or select them individually.

For more specialized portable applications that might interest advanced users, please send me an e-mail at the address below.