Untangle NG Firewall


For clients who require higher security for their networks or more advanced networking options that residential-grade routers just do not provide, I recommend installation of an Untangle platform.  Untangle is a suite of security and networking applications that analyze traffic at the gateway before it can enter or leave the local area network.  This allows clients some very precise methods of controlling and analyzing network traffic.  For instance, executable files can be blocked from being downloaded to any machine on the local network.  This increases the total security of the internal network by preventing the installation files of viruses and malware from even being downloaded in the first place.  Also, clients can analyze their network traffic for abuse by employees by logging and reviewing what websites are being visited, how often, and by whom.  For clients with multiple locations, Untangle servers at each location can sync with each other over secure, encrypted VPN tunnels, allowing the networks at each location to communicate with each other over a single Wide Area Network (WAN).

Best of all, this platform utilizes Free Open Source Software, and is available for absolutely no charge to both residential and commercial clients.  Businesses might wish to take advantage of some of the upgraded non-free options and subscriptions, but the basic platform is available at no cost, requiring only a single computer on which to operate.  Installation and configuration by Mostly Computers is performed at usual rates.

The free Untangle NG Firewall platform includes the following security and networking applications:

  • Web Filter
  • Protocol Control
  • Virus Blocker
  • Phish Blocker
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Firewall
  • OpenVPN
  • Reports
  • Spam Blocker
  • Captive Portal
  • Ad Blocker

The non-free options provide even more applications and additional security at very reasonable prices.  Untangle is my top recommended platform for advanced network security and analysis.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss the Untangle platform and how it can best provide for your specific network infrastructure, or visit Untangle directly.