Obsolete and non-functional computers all too often end up in landfills, adding to the toxic chemicals that seep into the surrounding soil and ground water.  Over the years, I have established professional relationships with people and companies who specialize in recycling computers, computer components, and other devices.  Non-functional computers are usually stripped down to their core components and recycled to reclaim the precious metals required for modern circuit boards and computer chips.  Obsolete computers and printers can sometimes be refurbished and donated to low-income families or charity organizations.  Old cell phones are usually donated to the Jillian Center for victims of domestic violence.  Dead batteries can also be recycled.

Before disposing of any computer or other device in the trash bin, which is both harmful to the environment and illegal, please contact me for a free, no-obligation assessment of any old computers or other devices you no longer use or need.  Most times, your old technology devices can be properly disposed of at no cost to you, while helping the environment and the less fortunate.

Please note that at no point will any device leave my possession before it has been completely sanitized of all corporate or personal data.